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  • Photo Johan Wildhagen / Visit Norway

Sápmi Park

Experience Sápmi Park

Sápmi Park presents the Sami culture and history in an enthralling, informative and entertaining way. We have something to offer everyone, whether you are at a conference, a meeting, or just on holiday.
The cultural park lies in the centre of Karasjok, a Sami town of 3000 people. Karasjok, with its recognized Sami institutions and thriving Sami culture, is the ‘capital’ of the Sami people in Norway. Karasjok is a bilingual municipality where 90 % of the population speaks Sami. There are about 60000 reindeer grazing in the area throughout the autumn and winter. 

Regular activities in Sápmi Park, from the 19th of june - 13th of august.


Time               Activitiy

1100               Reindeer feeding

1200               Joik

1300               Lassoing

1400               Reindeer feeding

1500               Lassoing



  • Street: Leavnnjageaidnu 1
  • Postcode: 9730
  • Place: Karasjok


  • Phone: + 47 78 46 89 80
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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